Do you do cold prospecting? In other words, send cold emails or make cold calls?
If so…you’re in luck because, in this post, I’m going to show you how to sell more in less time with less effort than almost all your peers and competitors.

You’re also going to avoid one the biggest mistakes that people make when prospecting..and how to go from making tons of calls or sending a bunch of cold emails, and basically grinding it out to getting a much better ROI for your prospecting efforts…

When you follow the 3 steps I’m about to share with you, it’s like the difference between trying to dig a hole with a small dull spoon vs a large sharp shovel…so let’s dig in 🙂

First, the biggest mistake you want to avoid when prospecting is the “spray and pray approach”.

Essentially that’s where you drag one tired approach out among a broad group of prospects and use that same approach over and over again.

You then pray that you run across a “lay down” which is someone who is so ready to buy that your approach doesn’t even matter.

Nothing will waste your time and energy and annoy your prospects more than this.

In fact, when surveyed, one of the top complaints among people who receive cold calls and emails is that the salesperson didn’t take the time to understand who they were and why they might be the right fit for the offer.

Most salespeople just use one generic pitch, over and over again.

Instead, let me help you avoid that and ascend to the land where sales rain from the sky…

Step #1 Find a Hot Market

I don’t care how persuasive or smooth you think you are if you’re prospecting in the wrong market, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

In fact, I’ll take the worst, most inexperienced salesperson and have them prospect in a hot market vs a top salesperson in a terrible market, 10 times out of 10.

A hot market is one where there is a strong existing demand.

When I first started in sales, I would try to sell everyone. I thought I could use my magical sales and persuasion skills that I was learning to convert everyone into buyers.

Later in my career, I became lazier…or smart. I’m not really sure which…
…but I realized that the best way to get better results is to target groups of prospects that have a strong existing demand.

Step #2 Create a Targeted List

Once you’ve identified a hot market, next you need to create a targeted list of prospects.

This will be a niche within the overall market. So if the market is attorneys, it might be “personal injury attorneys”.

Create specific lists like this. The funny thing is, no one ever told me about this in all my years of selling. None of my managers told me this. Perhaps they didn’t know. For some reason, I had to figure this out myself.

Instead, they would hand me or have me create lists of prospects within broad vertical markets and just hammer the phones…big mistake.

What you want to do is pick a specific niche, within the vertical market you’ve identified.

Step #3 Tailor Your Pitch

Now that you have your targeted list, the next step is to create a specific pitch, tailored for that group of

So, when you call or email them, you’re addressing the specific pain points, using the specific lingo that matches that niche group.

Why? Because nothing will stop your prospecting message dead in its tracks like a bland, generic cold email or cold call script.

You don’t have much time to grab your prospect’s have seconds.

Seconds for them to internally say “yeah that’s for me or no it’s not a fit”.

It’s so much more powerful to call on a specific group of people than a broad group.

Optimizing your process

All that’s left is for you to spend time talking with prospects in that niche.

In short order, you’ll learn the lingo, the common problems, beliefs, habits, and objections of that niche which will help you become an even better prospector in that space.

After a little while, maybe 50 calls or 100 emails, you’ll see if that niche has a pulse or if you need to try another niche or market altogether.

If you take this approach, you’ll soon come across niches that are on fire and your results will soar…it will fast track your sales results more than any NLP or persuasion technique ever could.

You’ll feel like you’ve just become the sales superman or superwomen…
…in reality, you’ve just uncovered a niche with a stronger demand for what you offer…Sorry ego 🙁

But you’ll make more money with less effort!

So your choice is to roll out a generic pitch, over and over to a broad group of cold prospects…to struggle and grind and deal with enormous amounts of rejection…

Or to have a targeted message for a specific group of people within a hot market. Faster results, less efforts.

Use the 3 steps I shared with you. They work.

It’s how I used to outsell my peers 2:1 (sometimes even 10:1) while working less hours and making less calls.

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