The Results:

      • During first 8 months with SalesKey: Avg of 1 new client per month (avg clients spend $50k-100k/mo)
      • 183 leads (and counting) leads added to sales pipeline
      • 19 other solid opportunities in pipeline now
      • Avg Cost Per Marketing Qualified Lead (CPL): $65.57


          • TEKTELIC Communications Inc. is a premier supplier of best-in-class LoRaWAN® IoT Gateways, Sensors and custom applications.
          • Before working with SalesKey, they were focused on content marketing, regular social media posts, tradeshows and strategic alliances within their industry to generate leads.
          • Initially, they didn’t necessarily have a problem generating leads, but, being a growth oriented company, they were looking for ways to diversify their lead generation channels, expand on their current efforts and, in the words of their Director of Marketing Jack Stuart, “find a program that could increase our lead volume each month”.
          • Then COVID hit…obviously this had a deep impact on their ability to generate leads from trade shows.
          • Like many of our clients, TEKTELIC is interested in new clients and new revenue coming in the door, not just increased lead flow.
          • If we can convert 1 one of your leads per month, that’s a huge ROI for us.” said Jack.
          • Once TEKTELIC engaged SalesKey, we immediately implemented our proprietary lead generation system, LinkedIn Performance+, to help them achieve their objective:
            • First, we had Jack fill out a brief questionnaire and attend a campaign strategy call so we could understand WHO Jack’s ideal clients are and what his unique value proposition is, so we could properly position the campaign for maximum response. 
            • Next, we created highly targeted lists of Jack’s prospects using demographic information (target job titles, industries, company size and geography) and gathered market data to inform our messaging style and approach, in this case focusing primarily on real estate developers.
            • After that, we engineered a multi-channel outreach program based on a two-pronged approach, focusing on building Jack’s personal network on LinkedIn while simultaneously messaging targeted decision makers with the objective of generating: more booked calls and warm, marketing qualified leads for TEKTELIC’s sales pipeline.

Services Provided: LinkedIn Performance+

Averaging 1 New High Value Client Per Month

“We were looking for a program that could help us increase our lead volume each month.

When we started working with SalesKey they started by asking me the right questions to make sure they understood who our target market really is and what’s unique about our solutions so that they could craft outreach campaigns that would resonate.

We were shocked with how quickly we started receiving leads, almost immediately we were averaging about 3-5 good leads per day, but most importantly we are converting an average of 1 new client per month.

One thing I really liked was that partnering with them has added structure and a process to our initial outreach, which is something we had never really defined before.

I would recommend SalesKey to any organization looking to increase their lead flow and sales.”

Jack Stuart

Director of Marketing of TEKTELIC Communications Inc.