Company Name: Stillwater Media Group NYC

Stillwater Media Group is a 10 year old New York City based SEO & Social Media agency.  They were looking to target difficult to reach decision makers (LA & NY based real estate developers) within the competitive SEO market.  They just needed us to help “get them in the room” because once they were in a meeting with the right type of prospect, they had a strong closing ratio.  SalesKey helped add an average of 1 new qualified lead per day to their sales pipeline.

Services Provided:
LinkedIn Marketing, Market Research

Avg New Leads Per Month: 30
112 warm leads generated in first 113 days
Highly Competitive Market

“Through Sales Key’s lead gen programs, we just closed our largest contract to date, in 10 years of business. Ken and the rest of the Sales Key team have been fantastic. Real pros when it comes to outbound lead generation. I own a Digital Marketing Agency and have seen about every strategy and technique in the book..and tried most of them. I knew LinkedIn was powerful but never understand how to truly tap into it. Sales Key had my campaign up and running and within days they were already generating qualified leads.”

Bryan Bulger

Founder of Stillwater Media Group NY