The Results:

    • Avg of 1 new client per month (12 months/12 clients)
    • Avg Client LTV: $308k
    • 300+% initial ROI (Lifetime ROI will be substantially bigger)
    • 99.1% avg customer retention over 10 years in business


  • Select Communication is a fast growing, multiple Inc 5000 telecommunications company that makes it easier for SMBs and enterprises to identify, evaluate and implement technology solutions.
  • Initially, Jerry was looking for ways to provide more warm leads to his growing sales team, increase overall lead flow and diversify his lead channels
  • In 15+ years in business, Jerry had tried over 41 different marketing services, and lead gen companies and out of those he has only found 2 that have ever produced consistent and desirable results.  SalesKey is one of those companies.
  • Jerry now has expanded the relationship with SalesKey to increase lead flow and engage in our other services.
  • Once Jerry engaged SalesKey, we immediately implemented our proprietary system, LinkedIn Performance+, to help Select achieve their goals:
    • First, we had Jerry fill out a brief questionnaire and attend a campaign strategy call so we could understand WHO Jerry’s ideal clients are and what his unique value proposition is, so we could properly position the campaign for maximum response. 
    • Next, we created highly targeted lists of Jerry’s prospects using demographic information (target job titles, industries, company size and geography) and gather market data to inform our messaging style and approach, in this case focusing primarily on real estate developers.
    • After that, we engineered a multi-channel outreach program based on a two-pronged approach, focusing on building Jerry’s personal network on LinkedIn while simultaneously messaging targeted decision makers with the objective of generating: more booked calls and warm, marketing qualified leads for Select’s sales pipeline.

Services Provided: LinkedIn Performance+


  • Avg of 1 new client per month (12 months/12 clients)
  • Avg Client LTV: $308k
  • 300+% initial ROI (Lifetime ROI will be substantially bigger)

12 New Clients Earned, 300+% ROI (and growing)

“I consider SalesKey a strategic partner. Originally, we launched a single lead gen program with them and after seeing the results decided to launch multiple campaigns with them to continue to grow our sales pipeline.

We’ve already closed 12 new deals that conservatively represent a 300% initial ROI, and our retention rate is very high (99.1%) so we anticipate the ROI to be much higher over the coming years. 

We’ve also referred our clients to them as well. I’ve personally gone through over 40 different marketing/lead gen partners over the past 11 years and there are only 2 that we’ve stuck with.  SalesKey is one of them.  

We now rely on SalesKey as a crucial piece of our overall marketing strategy. I would highly recommend their services.”

Jerry Goldman

CEO of Select Communication (Inc. 5000 honoree)