Company Name: InJoy Global, Inc.


InJoy Global is a 5 year old tech company that provides a gamified corporate culture enhancement solution. After they had landed some big accounts (NASA, Toyota, Bloomingdale’s, etc.) through their personal networks, they were running out of their referral leads and looking for a partner to help them target small-mid size companies with a more entry-level offer.

Services Provided:
LinkedIn Marketing, Market Research

279 leads generated
In first 265 days
Avg new leads per day: 1.05

“Ken and his team have been terrific, we’re currently averaging more than 1 new targeted lead everyday. The response has exceeded our initial expectations. Every step of working with Sales Key has been easy, clearly defined and enjoyable. We’d tried various marketing approaches before but never had results like this.”

 Jeff Baietto

Co-Founder & COO of InJoy Global, Inc.