The Results:

  • 59 MQLs in first 60 days
  • $30k in new business closed
  • 6 proposals out (with contract values ranging from $25k-$90k each)


    • Growth Strategy Agency is an innovative sales and marketing agency (with 20+ years of marketing experience) that provides AI targeting and outbound, multi-channel sales and marketing efforts for her clients.  
    • They were wasting money on FB ads and their cost per lead (CPL) was well over $150 with too many unqualified leads coming through their marketing funnel. They needed more qualified leads and were struggling with other approaches and vendors they had tried.  
    • If they were lucky they might get 2-3 leads per month with other providers they tried.  
    • Within the first 60 days with SalesKey, we helped them add 59 qualified leads to their sales pipeline and they closed one deal worth over $30,000 and generated 6 other proposals with contract values ranging from $25k-$90k each.
    • Once GSA engaged SalesKey, we immediately implemented our proprietary system, LinkedIn Performance+, to help them achieve their goals:
      • First, we had Angela fill out a brief questionnaire and attend a campaign strategy call so we could understand WHO GSA’s ideal clients are and what their unique value proposition, so we could properly position the campaign for maximum response.
      • Next, we created highly targeted lists of GSA’s prospects using demographic information (target job titles, industries, company size and geography) and gather market data to inform our messaging style and approach.
      • After that, we engineered a multi-channel outreach program based on a two-pronged approach, focusing on building Angela’s personal network on LinkedIn while simultaneously messaging targeted decision makers with the objective of generating: more booked calls and warm, marketing qualified leads for the GSA sales pipeline.

Services Provided: LinkedIn Performance+

SalesKey Is a Lamborghini Compared to a Ford Pinto: 45 Days, 46 Leads, 1 Closed Deal, 4 Proposals

“I highly recommend Ken Wells and the SalesKey team.  Compared to other marketing programs we’ve tried, Sales Key is a Lamborghini compared to a Ford Pinto.We would be lucky to get 2-3 leads per month with other programs we’ve tried. 

In the first 45 days of my lead gen campaign with Sales Key, I’ve already received 46 leads, closed 1 new deal, have 4 other proposals out (one of those I expect to close soon) and several other prospects still flowing through my sales pipeline.

I’ve been in marketing for years and their approach is the fastest way and most cost effective way to generate high quality leads for B2B companies that I’ve seen in recent years.”

Angela Fulcher

CEO of Growth Strategy Agency LLC