Company Name: Branded Research, Inc.

Branded Research is a leading California based market research firm. They were looking for an extra 25 qualified leads per month, someone to help fill their salesperson’s calendar with warm leads.  Their web traffic and email marketing campaigns were resulting in an abyssal 1% response rate and not generating enough actual leads.  Within the first 90 days with SalesKey, we helped him add 85 qualified leads to his sales pipeline.

Services Provided:
LinkedIn Marketing, Market Research

Within first 90 days
85 targeted leads generated
Avg Cost Per Lead (CPL): $53

“Ken and Sales Key have been great. Really like working with them. We started seeing leads almost immediately after the lead gen campaign launched. We added 85 new leads to our sales efforts in the first 90 days.”

John Ackerman

Co-Founder & President of Branded Research, Inc.