20-35+ highly-targeted B2B leads every month, without spending money on ads.

Vince Bellitto CEO Purpose & Power LLC

Typical Leads You Can Expect From Us

Professional Training & Coaching 

Investment Banking

Health Technology 

Commercial Real Estate


Information Technology

Marketing & Advertising



Corporate Travel 


Employee Benefits 

Computer Software 

Law Firm Marketing

Financial Services

Information Services 

Wealth Management

Mobile Billing

Mechanical Engineering

OEM/ODM Distributor

Digital Marketing 

Commercial HVAC 

Financial Technology 

Digital Marketing

Food & Beverage Software 

Law Practice


Professional Training & Coaching 

Alternative Medicine

Corporate Health & Wellness 

Public Speaking 

Business Coaching 


Commercial Insurance

Business Services

Hospital & Healthcare

Mental Healthcare

Point of Sale/Merchant Services

Marketing & Advertising

Performance Coaching


What Others Are Saying...

Ken and Sales Key have been great. Really like working with them. We started seeing leads almost immediately after the lead gen campaign launched. We added 85 new leads to our sales efforts in the first 90 days.

John Ackerman

Co-Founder & President of Branded Research, Inc.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with SalesKey. Completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve already received 68 targeted leads in the first 28 days, since the lead gen campaign launched. These leads fit my target demographic and are interested in learning more about what we offer. Couldn’t ask for more than that. Every step of the process has been dialed in and well executed. I had my hesitations initially because of how many companies promise huge results and don’t deliver. Chris explained to me a realistic estimate of 20-35 qualified leads per month and the results have blown way past that. If you’re considering using their service, do it.

Jack Stuart

Director of Marketing of TEKTELIC Communications Inc.

Ken and his team have been terrific, we're currently averaging more than 1 new targeted lead everyday. The response has exceeded our initial expectations. Every step of working with Sales Key has been easy, clearly defined and enjoyable. We'd tried various marketing approaches before but never had results like this.

Jeff Baietto

Co-Founder & COO of InJoy Global, Inc.

Through Sales Key’s lead gen programs, we just closed our largest contract to date, in 10 years of business. Ken and the rest of the Sales Key team have been fantastic. Real pros when it comes to outbound lead generation. I own a Digital Marketing Agency and have seen about every strategy and technique in the book..and tried most of them. I knew LinkedIn was powerful but never understand how to truly tap into it. Sales Key had my campaign up and running and within days they were already generating qualified leads.

Bryan Bulger

Founder of Stillwater Media Group NYC

I’ve had a great experience with SalesKey. They’ve been professional, organized, and prompt at every stage in the process. We’re about to close 2 substantial deals, all in the first 60 days of our lead gen campaign. Better than other marketing programs I’ve tried. Better lead quality. Highly recommended.

Scott Madsen

Owner of Scott Madsen Enterprises (PMP Consultant)

Ken was like a breath of fresh air after trudging through the manual LinkedIn prospecting processes I was following before we crossed paths. He got to work right away and we instantly started seeing appointments getting booked, our profile views nearly tripled, and the leads started flowing in. His unique messaging style made our lives so much easier as he was able to capture what we are all about in a way we never could, and in a way that attracted other companies that we could help. Ken is an expert at what he does and it's been our absolute pleasure to work with him. He's got the like-know-trust formula figured out and now we like, know, and trust him with all of our lead generation efforts. He's saved us tons of time, I highly recommend his services.

Vanessa Correa

CEO of Correa, Pearson & Associates, LLC

I’ve been an attorney for more than 30 years. Most of my business came through referrals. Recently, I decided to expand my practice and started looking at various marketing approaches.

I connected with Ken through LinkedIn and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and overall approach. He explained everything clearly and concisely and I decided to give Sales Key a shot.

It was as described. Within days of the campaign starting I was already receiving leads. Individuals and business owners eager to learn more about my legal services and wanting to book times to speak with me.

I’m happy I met Ken and highly recommend him and his company Sales Key.

Eric Weiss

Director of Finkel Whitefield Selik

In a matter of weeks, Ken's service has already generated 39 quality leads ...

I’ve used a lead generation service before, but most of the leads were unqualified and a waste of my time. The expense was not justified because I wasn’t getting any new, worthwhile business from it. I wasn’t sure if this would provide any better quality leads than I was getting before. I’ve only been using Sales Key’s LinkedIn lead generation service for a few weeks and I’m already in the process of working on a test project with someone who fits my ideal target client profile perfectly, that could turn into a long-term contract. In a matter of weeks, Ken’s service has already generated 39 quality leads, most of which are ready to book a call now or in the coming weeks..and this all happened during what is traditionally the deadest time of year, the holidays.

Malana McFarlen

Founder of Bonbon Marketing Inc.

Ken has a strong work ethic with a commitment to his customers. I always appreciated his integrity and honesty each and every day!

Scott Roth

CEO of TRACE Staffing Solutions

Recently Won Leads

Common Problems We Solve

Inconsistent Lead Flow

Which means inconsistent revenue and difficulty scaling your business. We'll create a steady and predictable flow of leads for your sales team through continuous outreach, 7 days per week!

Wasting Time With Unqualified Leads

We'll create laser targeted campaigns for prospects with the exact title, industry and within  the company size and geography of your most profitable clients.  The end result is better leads and more sales.

Rising Lead & Customer Acquisition Costs

The cost of impressions on Facebook and clicks on Google keep rising.  It's getting more and more expensive to get in front of your target audience.

Let us slash your customer acquisition costs by reaching out to your most profitable target market directly.


If you have a:

*Well-defined audience
*Proven offer (with case studies)
*Solid sales process in place to handle leads

...our proven, done-for-you system will connect you with hundreds of decision makers in your target market, every single month, creating  more opportunities for you to sell your service or product or connect with difficult to reach executives for investing, fundraising, etc.

This is done through customized LinkedIn and email prospecting campaigns.

We’ll remove any leads that don't qualify and identify the prospects ready to speak with you now.

Our team has over 53 years of B2B outbound sales prospecting and marketing experience.

We've helped multiple Inc 500 and even enterprise level organizations increase quality lead flow and scale.

I've personally closed over $31M in sales and helped generate leads that have led to much more than that.

In addition, I’ve used the same digital marketing approach to grow my e-learning business from 0 to 74,057 enrolled businesses and individuals, in 182 countries, in 3 languages, in under 4 years.

Since 2009 LinkedIn has been my primary lead generation source.  Second is outbound email campaigns to cold audiences.

I personally handle all critical aspects of every lead generation campaign:  Architecture, targeting, copy writing and ROI optimization.

We also have a unique tool that allows us to run campaigns that have an organic look and feel, 7 days per week.  

Let me and my support staff, take the heavy prospecting burden off your sales team's shoulders, so that you can focus on revenue generating activities.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can book a time on my calendar here and we can find out if this would be a fit for your specific business.


Ken Wells 

Founder, Sales Key LLC

Ready to learn more?

Let us handle the heavy prospecting lifting for your sales team, so they can focus on having productive sales conversations and closing sales

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